Thursday, February 4, 2010

Super Sweet Valentines Day Card

Candy Cane Valentines Day Card

Here is what you'll need:

Paper Cutter, or ruler for an accurate cut
1 Piece of White Card Stock
1 Piece of Pink or Red Card Stock
2 Large Candy Canes, Paper pealed off
A Black pen
A Hot Glue Gun

Using your paper cutter; cut the white card stock into a finished piece that measures 5 x 7.

Cut the pink/red card stock into a finished piece that measures 8 x 12.

Fold the pink/red card stock in half and set aside.

Tear the edges off each side of the white card stock.

Taking the hot glue gun; glue the candy canes onto the white card stock forming them both into the shape of a heart.

Using your black marker; write the phrase, "Happy Valentines Day - February 2010 around the edge of the candy cane heart.

Glue the white card stock on top of the pink/red card stock.


You have a handmade Valentines Day card for someone special that will mean more than any store bought card ever could!

Valentines Day Card Contribution:

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