Monday, February 8, 2010

Valentines Day Heart Card Holder

A few pieces of felt, a little time and love and
you can make one of these Valentines Day Card holders.

Here's what you'll need:

2 Full size sheets of felt cut into hearts, both in the same size.
4 Pieces of coordinating ribbon approximately 12" long
Scrap felt (any coordinating colors) cut into heart shapes
DMC floss in a coordinating color
A sewing needle and scissors

Using your scissors; cut the top off one of the hearts.

Arrange your smaller hearts coordinating hearts on top of the front of the cut heart and hand stitch them into place.

Sew a decorative stitch (whip stitch or blanket stitch) across the tops of the front piece.

Place the front heart panel on top of the back, uncut heart panel.

Place the ribbon pieces in between the back and front heart panels just under the front panels embroidered top. Make sure to pin the ribbons in place as well as pinning both panels together so they won't move.

Using the same decorative stitch, sew around the outer edge, making sure to keep the top open.

Add some Valentines Day Cards and Celebrate!

Valentines Days Card Holder Contribution:

Visit Liz here at: Daisy Creek Designs

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rozzissweetpeas said...

Adorable..I've made one of my dgd one of these for school. Fast and cute. thanks so much for sharing,