Thursday, February 25, 2010

Organic vs Regular

The Top 10 Reasons
Why Organic Should Be On Your Shopping List

With so much discussion about things like carbon footprints (the amount of Greenhouse gases that we are emitting), it is understandable that there has been so much focused on buying organic. Organic food for our bodies, organic fabric as our clothing and organic farming practices to sustain our world.

In order to better understand the power of buying organic, here is a list of the top 10 reasons why it is so important:

1. IT REDUCES PESTICIDE USE - Which is increasingly threatening people, our wildlife and our environment.

2. IT HELPS PROTECT YOUR CHILDREN - A baby's skin is more porous and thinner,which means that your child is at greater risk of pesticide related health issues.

3. IT PROTECTS FARM WORKERS - The farmer is not exposed to pesticides and chemicals.

4. IT PROTECTS WATER QUALITY - Hundreds of gallons of pesticides is not being introduced into our environment.

5. IT IS STURDIER - Organic products has a higher quality cotton and is stronger.

6. IT SAVES YOU MONEY IN THE LONG RUN - Even though clothing from conventional cotton is cheaper to the consumer, the cost to us, our wildlife and our environment is not calculated into the price.

7. IT HAS A WONDERFUL FEEL TO IT - Because less chemicals are added to the cotton after harvest, it is much softer.

8. IT LASTS LONGER - On average, garments made from conventional cotton start to wear after about 10-20 washes, as opposed to 100 washes for organic.

9. IT SAVES PESTICIDES FROM BEING USED - Buying one organic Tee keeps over 4 ounces of pesticides from being used.

10. IT SAVES CHEMICALS FROM BEING USED - Buying organic would eliminate the use of many chemicals, such as ammonia and formaldehyde.

As with any consumer issue, you should research and decide what is best for your family on your own. This article was written to shed light on the benefits of organic products and hopefully it has given you at least one reason to consider it!

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