Friday, February 19, 2010

Olympic Fun

If your like me, you might not want to hang around the TV every night for four hours trying to catch your favorite Olympic hopefuls going for the Gold. Who wants to sit through hours of TV while the network switches back and forth through each of the days events. Of course we know why they do that.

Since I have an iPhone I went in search for the best applications that could help me coordinate and maximize my time at night to see the events I wanted.

Here are my findings:

NBC Olympics Vancouver 2010 Application: FREE - ★ ★ ★ ★

This application updates the event times, medal counts and all of the athletes playing in each event for the day and I found it to be an easy application to maneuver around in. When the application asks you to update the schedule it does this at no cost to the customer, like another application I reviewed. Under the feature, "Favorites" you can read some of the athletes twitter feeds, like @ApoloOhno and others. The layout is stylish and easy to navigate. This application is a must download.

Official Mobile Spectator Guide: FREE - ★ ★ ★ ★

I really liked the look overall for this application and found it just as easy as the NBC application to navigate and get all the event times and updates I need. I might favor this application a little more than the NBC application for the news feed and the application lets you assign favorites like you might on your own Twitter feed. What really has me liking this application is the connection to the schedule of events which gives you mapped directions to the event from your point position from your iPhone GPS. This is another must have application!

CTV Olympics Application: FREE - ★ ★

I wasn't sure if I wanted to include this application, but I always feel the more options with anything the better your decision will be. This application has all the same types of features as the other two applications, but it only features the athletes of Canada in their primary events. If you are Canadian this may be the application for you. Although this application initially is free you will have to upgrade for $1.99 if you want it updated to access a lot of the features any further than surface information it provides. If you want the full experience of the Olympics this is not the application for you.

Olympic Games & Sports Rules and Regulations: FREE - ★ ★ ★
This application has an Olympic events schedule you can use to determine your viewing times and a real basic news feed, but not much more on this Olympics. However, what is does have is the history of all the Olympics, including the abbreviations and alphabetical list of the Olympic nations. The other surprise is it also covers other sports like baseball, college basketball to professional, to darts. You may not use this for your every day use, but I like knowing the history and what it takes to qualify or define a sport. I say download this as a reader application.

NBC Olympics Cheer Application: FREE - ★ ★ ★

Okay, here is the application to annoy your friends to death. This application will save your voice from getting all "froggy" from screaming for your favorite Olympian or team. This application allows you to cheer, whistle, clap, chant U-S-A and a few more. It's silly, annoying and fun. If I was at the events I would use this application like crazy. You can even record your own cheer and play it. This application may not be a four star application, but we still give it three stars, because it's just pure fun.

There are more applications on the market to purchase, but these are all free, with the exception of the upgrade by the CVT application, but I found these applications to do the job of getting up to date news, scheduled event calendar and the medal standings you need to follow along with the games.

*I am not an official reviewer, but I have downloaded all the above applications and this is my opinion only and I advise you to download them yourself and try them out and you be your own judge.*

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