Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Red and Pink Showcase


Infant Bodysuit-Creeper-Romper-One Piece Baby Shirt - Fragile Handle with Care Design

Hot Pink and White Owl Stuffed Animal with Teal Button Eyes and Chevron Legs. - $20

Say goodbye to the plain white T for baby! Remind your family and friends that this little one is "Fragile, Handle with Care!" The perfect addition to any little wardrobe! -


Red Baby Pilot Cap, Pilot Hat,Lil Nell Hat for Babies, Red Pilot Hat, Hat for Babys Hearing Aids  
This stylish and unique hat is known as a pilot cap. A true European style it forms to baby’s head curving down towards the chin and nicely covering the ears. The strings can be firmly tied or left loose and hanging. Tying them enhances your little once chubby lil’cheeks and keeps her from pulling it off! -   $15


A great gift set for a new baby boy.
Comfy jersey knit (t-shirt fabric) with a tiny rolled hem, serged edge in white thread
. -


Cotton eyelet dress, fully lined in lightweight cotton muslin.
Size 6-9 months -