Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Being the Best YOU You Can Be

Go Team YOU!

With the Olympics in full swing, it brings to mind, how each and every Olympian competing in the 2010 Winter Olympic games is there, in Vancouver, to win the ultimate prize and take their place in history.

An Olympian trains a great deal of their life around being the best they can be at their craft. The time, energy, and commitment they put out in their daily lives to have it all come down to one moment in time. It is quite amazing and makes me in awe of the spirit they have to do it and on a daily basis to be the best in their sport.

Do you wonder what your life might be like if you put the same energy and determination into your every day as an Olympic athlete does? I am sure we could have the same results like many of the fine athletes do that will be representing our country in the winter Olympics.

Is it possible to put the same effort in our daily lives as these athletes do? For some I am sure you might say, yes and for others you might say, no. Do we have to be the best at taking the trash out or washing the dishes, no, but in the bigger picture of life ask yourself this... "Do I have the traits of an athlete?"

Athletic - Fit

Balance - Stability

Courage - Bravery

Educated - Skilled

Confident - Secure

Active - Full of Life

Dreamer - Visionary

Humble - Thoughtful

Determination - Strength of Mind

Strive to be the best YOU you can be!

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