Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Volunteer To Make a Difference

Did you know that there are benefits to volunteering?

· Help others

· Make a difference

· Find purpose

· Enjoy a meaningful conversation

· Connect with your community

· Feel involved

· Contribute to a cause that you care about

· Use your skills in a productive way

· Develop new skills

· Meet new people

· Explore new areas of interest

· Meet good people

· Impress your mom

· Impress yourself

· Expand your horizons

· Get out of the house

· Make new friends

· Strengthen your resume

· Feel better about yourself

Take the time this holiday season to give back to those who might need a little something extra this time of year.


Your local hospital

Your local animal shelter

Your local women’s shelter

Your local homeless shelter

Your local boys and girls club

Your local senior citizen center

Thinking Outside the Box:

Donate blood

Feed a family in need

Host a family for Christmas

Donate a gift for the local toy drive

Help an elderly neighbor with a chore

Watch a neighbor’s child for a few hours

Donate your skills to a local non-profit program

Gather a group together to clean your local beach or park

Knit, crochet or sew a blanket for people at your local hospital

Bake holiday treats for the local Police Station and Fire Fighters

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