Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Setting the Table to Celebrate

There are a lot of details that go into setting the perfect table for the holidays.

We have gathered some ideas and hope it gets you to thinking about your own home and how you could decorate it on a budget using some thoughtful, interesting items to decorate .

Give your side table an organic earthy feel to it by using pottery with different elements, like tree branches, vegetables, acorns or pine cones.

This is a great look which gives of a homey feel to the dinning room.

Add small candles with leaves and twine wrapped around the outside of the glass for a warm glow.

No candles? Use Christmas lights instead and wrap them around the base of each piece of pottery for the same lighting idea.

Add a colorful table cloth or table runner to the center of the table.

Throw in candles, leaves, cranberries and a simple setting can make a big statement to any table that costs little money to no money at all.

Make sure your candles have a suitable holder to catch any of the wax drippings, so your table cloth or runner don't get ruined.

Once the side table is decorated and you have placed down the table cloth and or runner to the table you are ready to put the places settings down.

Picking just the right place setting is just as important as the decorations.

If you have a colorful table you might want to choose a subdue place setting that compliments it or if you have a solid table cloth I would suggest going with a more bold pattern for the dishes.

Finally, the last step is to set the table with the place settings, silverware and glasses.

We have attached this easy to view guide to help you finish setting your table for your holiday dinner.

We hope the suggestion we have offered give you some ideas to set your table for the holidays and creates a warm space for you and your guest to enjoy the holidays together.

Happy Holidays!

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