Monday, November 9, 2009

Indoor Activities

Imaginative Play

The combination of wet weather and children inside for days at at a time usually creates a lot of pent up energy.

A creative mind and a house full of items can turn an afternoon into an expressive, fun-filled time.

A kitchen ladle, a broom stick, cordless telephone or remote control, bed sheets hung over a rope and some of mom or dads fancy clothes and you have got the workings of a KARAOKE NIGHT CLUB.

Just add some fun music and you are off to a great start.

You might have the next American Idol in the making!

A small tent becomes a BIG ADVENTURE!
Add blankets, pillows, books, a tackle box filled with juice boxes, gold fish and apple slices and your little adventurer is set to go. This is the perfect place to nap too! Don't have a tent? Use blankets draped over two twin beds or the dining room table also makes a great tent-like structure.

How about a MAGIC SHOW?

A cool hat, cards, magic wand, a colorful scarf, a bow tie, a small stool and a table cloth or towel draped over it and you
have the makings of the perfect magic show.

Let your little magician entertain you!

A big stack of cards, any cards, makes the perfect time to practice eye hand coordination and build the perfect HOUSE OF CARDS.

You may have to give your little one some help on this one, but I am sure it will only make it even more fun for your child.
No cards? Use blocks.

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