Friday, November 13, 2009

Kids Talk

"What are you THANKFUL for?"

Sofie ~ Age 7
"I'm most thankful for the planet earth. We wouldn't have a place to live without it."

LuLu ~ Age 4
"I'm most thankful for my family and house, the sun and the moon."

Paige ~ Age 4
"I'm "thanksful" for "gynnastics" and dance class and Momma and Dadda... and my Morfar (her Norwegian Grandfather)."

Erin ~ Age 9
"Having gravity. A place to live. Having electronics for education and having a family to love."

Tasha ~ Age 5
"I am thankful for a warm house and a Mommy and Daddy that buy me toys."

Bree ~ Age 3
"I am thankful for the little people (toys) at the doctor's office."

Avery ~ Age 5
"I am thankful for my baby sister. She gives me things to do, so I am not bored!"

Austin ~ Age 11
"I am thankful for God, my Mom and Dad and my Grandma, CC, Rick and my cousins."

Deagon ~ Age 10
"I am thankful for my Mom and Dad and Dylan and my friends at school."

Dylan ~ Age 7
"I am thankful for my Mom and Dad and my toys and my bike and my friends and my cousin, Austin and... and... OH yeah, my brother Deagon too."

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