Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Meet Rachel from The Wonderland Studio.  She is the designer and painter and illustrator in the Studio.  Rachel loves painting, and has extended her talent into the world of children's decor - creating colorful and modern mobiles.

Referred to as kinetic mobiles, they are hanging sculptures of moving parts that freely and constantly sway and rotate (assuming there is movement in the air).  All of the mobiles are spacially related - with names like the Nebula, the Big Dipper, the Mini Orbit, and Supernova.

By the way, her sales are great, her feedback is great, and her pictures are great - everything that we look for in an Etsy seller!
  The Nebula seems to be a stellar seller.  And keep in mind that she can do custom orders and match almost any space or decor! 

As for Rachel, she provides some information about herself as well.
"I live by the sea.
I love sushi.
I have one child, one husband, one dog and one cat.
My favorite color is blue-green.
I like to run.
I love to run with my dog.
I love to paint.
I love making things.
I love Etsy!"

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