Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Handmade Bits and Pieces

Vintage Chenille.  Specializing in unique patchwork quilts and soft toys for children.  Upcycled.  Vintage Chenille.  Each piece of fabric unique, with it's own story and history.  Each toy and quilt handcrafted, plush, soft.

Leah lives in a small town in Australia.  She collects old bedspreads and upcycles the material to create these beautiful vintage patchwork quilts and plush toys. 

Leah's big sellers seem to be the birdie rattles and the Scottie dog 

You will also find elephants, rabbits, and perhaps other animals running through her shop at times.  For a soft and plush toy that your child will love to snuggle, or for a custom creation made from vintage chenille, check out the shop! 

"99% of my creations are unique because of the character of the vintage fabric." - leahkl

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