Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Mo Rockin Momma

Maggie is a Mo-Rockin Momma.  She lives in Alaska, homeschools 5 children, and works from home creating the pieces that you will find at M&M Baby. 

In the shop, you will find uniquely designed unpadded ring slings, wrap carriers, pouch slings and "whatever strikes my fancy", which includes hooded towels, doll slings, blankets, burp cloths, dresses, onesies, and stuffed owls.  Maggie explains that she tends to get bored creating the same stuff over and over again, so her inventory is ever changing!

So, about that uniquely designed unpadded ring sling, which would be M&M Baby's big seller and Maggie's claim to fame.  The M&M Baby Sling is an inward folded fan that opens up into a perfect pouch for your baby. The Ring Slings flare out at the shoulder seam and form a deep pouch or pocket for your child to lay or sit in. As with any ring sling, M&M Baby Slings still require some adjusting, but not nearly as much as some of the other styles out there. They can be worn on either shoulder with the best comfort and adjust ability coming from wearing the folds down. Each sling is between 28"& 34" wide depending on the weight of the fabric. Unlike so many other slings, this means you have plenty of fabric to cover your growing child. Each sling is 2 1/2 yards long, before being sewn and fully adjustable.  How about some pictures:

and a pouch sling:


and the wrap style baby carrier:

So, for all of your babywearing needs, see what the Mo-Rockin Momma has designed. 
"Loving and nurturing our children into adulthood is my passion."
Maggie, M&M Baby

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