Monday, December 21, 2009

Winter Questions

Is it safe to eat snow?

Snow forms when water vapor comes in contact with cold air. The vapor, gaseous water molecules, will often connect to a small particle, such as a tiny piece of dust. and form a snow crystal. Clusters of the snow crystals make snowflakes. However, eating snow in city areas are prone to all of the particles in the air, like pollutants.

Why does cooler weather make your face and nose red?

The body will divert blood to maintain the body's temperature. The first place it diverts blood to the inner part of the body, to keep that warm. But, progressively, as it gets colder, it also diverts blood to the extremities. It is a protective mechanism to keep warm and protect those exposed areas.

If you lick a pole will your tongue get stuck to it?

A cold metal pole and your warm, wet tongue can become a conductor and actually get stuck to a pole. It's not that your tongue becomes frozen, only the moisture from your tongue becomes frozen. But, do not pull your tongue from the pole, because if you do the skin from your tongue will likely stay with the pole. The best way to remove your tongue is to pour warm water, slowly over your tongue and the pole to loosen it.

What can I do to keep my hands from getting dry and cracked?

The cold, winter weather along with the washing of our hands can take it's toll. The most common answer would be to use lotion frequently. But, one of the best suggestion we have would be to lather your hands in a fair amount of Vaseline and wear socks over your hands . The heat from your body in the socks really allows the Vaseline to penetrate the skin. Do this at night while you sleep and in the morning you will have the softest hands.

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