Monday, December 14, 2009

(Re)Gift It - Game Post #2

This may be the best game we have played in our family and as silly as they come, but it has become one of our favorites.

At one time or another we have all received a gift where we wondered what the giver was thinking when they gave it to us. We turned this idea into a game and a challenge.

(Re)Gift It

Purchase the worst gift you can find under $5.00
One good gift for the winner of the game

The person with the worst gift wins the game!

The rules to this game are easy and fun if you really put some searching effort into it.

The gift has to be purchased.
(No re-gifting in this game, we don't want hurt feelings.)

The gift can cost no more than $5.

The worse the gift is the better your odds.

The gift must be wrapped without a tag.

Place the gifts in an area were they won't get mixed together with the real gifts.

When the game is ready to be played place all the gifts in the middle of the table.

Determine the starting person and go clockwise from the starting player.

The starting player chooses a gift from the pile and opens up the gift and shows it to all the other players and keeps the gift in front of them.

The second player can either steal the starting players gift or choose a gift from the pile. The second player will show their gift to all the other players and keep it in front of them during the game. If the second player steals the gift from the first player the first player then chooses another gift from the pile to replace it, but can not steal the gift from the second player.

The third and remaining players will repeat the same process as the other two players, but have more choices to steal from other players.

Once all the gifts are seen the entire group votes on the worst gift and the player that brought the worst gift wins the game, all the re-gifted gifts from the game and an actual gift.

** Just for the record... **
My $1.00 gift of a ceramic poodle, with a pom-pom hat, wire tail, lipstick on his mouth and roller skates on his paws did not win as the worst gift. There was actually something worse than mine!

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