Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Games - Game #1

As far back as I can remember my entire family have always played games after Christmas dinner. We were always encouraged to participate and play, including the children. We always played charades and it was our family's classic standard, but as we got older the kids wanted to play other games, which started a new family challenge to make the games more interesting, harder and more competitive.

For whatever reason, I seem to have become the family "Game Master". I spend a lot of time during the year thinking about new games I can introduce for the next year. In the next three days I am going to post a few of the games we have played which are fun and easy for all ages to participate in. If you are a game loving family, like mine is, you are going to love them. Have fun and good luck!

Sing It Baby

Tape Recorder
2 copies - Words to "The Night Before Christmas"
1 copy for each player -
Words to "The Night Before Christmas" with space for answers

The object of this game is to have a recorded version of "The Night Before Christmas" with each players voice reading sections of the story having all of the players guessing who spoke each part.

Type up the words from the book, "The Night Before Christmas", and evenly divide the speaking sections according to the amount of people who are playing the game. The more players the better the game will be.

Highlight the speaking sections with different markers or place lines between the sections, making it easier for each player to see their designates speaking parts. Fold the paper behind itself as you progress.

On the second copy of the story write the name of each player next to each of the speaking parts. This is your official answer sheet.

Choose a room where you can do the readings in a quiet space.

When it's time to call each player into the room individually be secretive about it in order to keep the order of the recordings a mystery. Encourage each player to change their voice to make it harder to guess who was speaking each part when you play the game.

Remember to use the pause button in between each section, so when the story is played back for the game it sounds more seamless. When all the speaking parts have been recorded be sure to listen to the tape in it's entirety to make sure you have a decent copy of the story.

When it's time to play the game give each player a copy of the story that has the space for the answers for the players to write down the names in the sections.

Play the story through once without stopping, so people can hear it in all it's glory. Rerun the story as many times as you need to complete the game.

The person with the most answers right wins the game.

** My family will donate wrapped gifts for the winners of the games. It's not mandatory, but it makes winning even more fun!

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