Thursday, October 21, 2010

Connie Lou Fabrics For YOU

Connie from ConnieLouFabrics is on to something big.  She designs adorable images, has them printed onto fabric, and then creates a Do It Yourself Kit for any level crafter to make dolls and puppets.  It's genius!  Her fabric images include rockin grasshoppers, snowbabies, robots, monsters, gingerbread people, and even storybook characters!  She sends out some fabric, and DIY instructions, and you create!  So, we talked to Connie about her new shop - she is also etsyBABY team member MiniMonster - and this is what she says:

Tell us a bit about yourself and what arts/ crafts that you make?

My name is Connie. For the past couple years I have been on etsybaby as MiniMonster selling baby toys and clothing. Last year I opened a shop called ConnieLouFabrics that carried original design fabrics, now I've added original design DIY kits for children's toys, and dolls and combined my shops.

Is there anything unique about your product?

My new shop carries some original fabric but mainly I sell DIY kits. The toy kits are from my own drawings and are printed on polyester fleece. (a few are on cotton). My biggest seller since I opened this month have been my Robot Pocket Dolls. My favorite item is the Snowsuit Pocket Dolls, because they are cute toys and also great Christmas ornament or package toppers.

 How do you make your shop and your product stand out from the others?

I've tried to make my panels easy to use and for every level sewer from beginner up. Last week a customer bought 4 kits she is going to use to help her daughter learn to sew and make Christmas presents at the same time. My kits give even veteran sewers the opportunity to handcraft something unique whether they consider themselves a crafter or not.

Which part of creation process that you like to do the most?

I love sketching and drawing the patterns, and since I don't consider my self a seamstress, I figure my customers and I will form a team...I'll be the artist, you do the sewing. My next addition will be fleece baby blankets and a matching doll for shower gifts. Stop by and take a look! I always appreciate feedback from my etsybaby team mates.
"Where the handcrafting is done by YOU!"
Connie, ConnieLouFabrics

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