Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Chubby Baby - For a Delicious Life

This week we are catching up with Colleen, the designer and creator of Chubby Baby.  She has designed her own car seat cover that can fit on any brand of car seat!  She also makes some fabulously chic wipes cases and adorably funny bikini onesies!  So here is what we have learned about Chubby Baby:

Tell us a bit about yourself and what arts/ crafts that you make?

I'm a Stay At home Mom of two babies, a 3 yr old girl and an 8 week old baby boy.

Colleen's first child spit up a lot, which of course caused many funky smells and annoying stains.  As many of us know, car seat covers are a pain to take off, wash, and figure out how to put back on with the straps in the right place.  After searching in many stores and finding only one removeable cover costing $199, her annoyance and frustration pushed her to create!  She worked to develop her own pattern for a removable car seat cover with vertical slits for the straps, reducing the confusion and struggle of reattaching the straps.  

Is there anything unique about your product?

I like to think my car seat covers are unique because i use verticle slits in the seat cover instead of horiztonal, for the seat belts to be threaded through. You don't have to take apart the whole car seat to put it on and off, while most designs are like that. I wanted something that was functional and not time consuming, I just had so much to do now that I was a new mom, and taking apart a car seat was the last thing i wanted to do. So it just goes right over the original car seat cover and you pull the straps through, that's it!

What is your favorite item in your shop?

My Favorite item in my shop is the Groovy Guitar Infant Car Seat Cover - I love it because you can use it for a boy or a girl. It's a fun print and it gets a tons of attention. It's my Best Seller!

How do you make your shop and your product stand out from the others?

For me I try to take the best pictures possible, it's what catches people eye. I try to bring a smile to your face, I want the buyer to envision their little special baby in this design and feel uplifted and feel the need to buy right away. I want the picture to put a smile on their face, in their hearts and in their minds when they are envisioning their little Chubby Baby all cozied up in the minky slipcover that they would sit in and then having the mommy's look and style for the canopy to express themselves and have fun with.

Anything else you would like to share?

I'd also like to add that if it wasn't for my littler sister Meagan, who at this time has no interest in sewing, has been one of my biggest supporters by helping out watching my kidos, listening to my endless chatter on fabrics, and just being there for me when ever i needed it. Like driving down to the garment district to help buy fabrics - probably not how she'd like to spend her free time, but she comes with me anyway. I'll always love her for all those things because without her i could never do as much as i do! 

"Each little baby snuggled with their Chubby Baby® Product is truly a treasure"
Colleen, Chubby Baby

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