Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Where Wee Wubbys Were Born

Welcome to Sweet Pea Fabrications, where Wee Wubbys were "born".  Sweet Pea Fabrications does a little bit of everything - a little bit for the little ones, and a little bit for their mommies.  The Wee Wubby is a security blanket that comes with a sibling - a different yet complimentary wubby to use as a spare.  They are made with soft fabrics - like satin, minky, soft flannel - and they come in a variety of great patterns.  Each 13"X13" Wubby comes with an adorable poem for the children to recite!


Sweet Pea Fabrications also makes many great items that Mom will love!  There are bags and wipes case covers, aprons, reusable gift tags.  My favorite is the photo clutch, the 8 1/2"X5" case that holds up to 20 4"X6" photos. 

Janis, the woman behind Sweet Pea Fabrications, has been a registered nurse for 35 years but says she has always had the creative bug.  The Wee Wubby was originally created for her grandaughter, but have since then been added to many nurseries and beds.  

 "Wee Wubbys come in a pair
One for at home, one for a spare.
Take it to bed, snuggle it tight
For naptime, for quiet time, or
Just for Good night!"


Jackie said...

really cute!!! love the poem!

EtsyBABY Team Captain said...

Wonderful Post!!!