Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Crawler Covers and More

Fategoddess has been handmaking leg warmers for over 3 years, and doing great business on Etsy.  12,751 sales to date.  Many satisfied customers. 

So what is there to know about Fategoddess?
She is a work at home mother of 2, and she must stay very busy.  Her pictures are amazing!  She was just named as one of the top 50 Etsy moms on, and she has been featured on  Her crawler covers fit newborns up to age 8.  She also makes some adorable hair clips, headbands, and doll diapers... but the leg warmers are the big seller, by far.

The wide variety of color and style give her an edge over all of the other leg warmer sellers on Etsy.  She has many great designs and colors for boys as well.  Wear them on your arms, wear them on your legs.  Pull them up all the way, slouch them down.  Layer them.  Mismatch them.  The options are endless!   


The last thing you need to know about Fategoddess:  she's having a sale.  For a limited time only, you will receive 1 FREE Pair of your choice with any multi-pack listing... and always free shipping to US and Canada. 

"With over 10,000 pairs sold, you can trust in my experience and dedication to top notch customer service!"

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