Tuesday, October 20, 2009



2 1/2 Yards Cheese Cloth
3 Small Buttons or Black Embroidery Thread
2 Liter Bottle
2 - 4 Balloons
1 Cup of Starch
Aluminum Foil

Pour the starch into a medium bowl and set aside.

Cover your tray with aluminum foil.

Blow up TWO balloons to about 6" to 8" round and tape the balloons to the side of the bottle making two arms.

Blow up the TWO remaining balloons to about 3" to 4" round and set them aside.

Fold the cheese cloth over so it is about 22" across.

Dip the cheese cloth into the starch saturating it then squeeze out the remaining starch.

Pull the cheese cloth apart returning it to its 22" across measurement.

Using the middle of the cheese cloth as your guide put the cloth over the top of the bottle head and draping it over the sides of the arms of the balloon and straight down the front and back pooling the remaining cloth in a ghost like fashion in the front and back. The pooling in the front and back are what will give the ghost it's structure to hold it up.

Take the remaining two balloons and place them in the front under the cheese cloth draping them over the balloons to create a wave.

Let the ghost dry over night. Pull the ghost off its structure.

Glue the buttons on for eyes or wrap embroidery thread into a small ball and glue them on to the ghost for eyes and a mouth.

DO NOT use a candle under the ghost!

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