Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Valentine's Day.....Baby Love...SPOTLIGHT on Jacqueline

Here at EtsyBABY, we are celebrating BABY LOVE!

Today, we are shining the spotlight on products from designer... Jacqueline 225
Zebra Newborn Layette
Baby Gown

Zebra Newborn Layette Cotton Baby Gown with Burgundy Chiffon Flowers and Rhinestones
Zebra beautiful newborn cotton baby gown with
matching hat for your adorable little baby!
Burgundy chiffon flowers are on the hat,
chest and bottom of the gown.


Newborn Infant Layette Gown
 Chiffon Flowers Headband

Newborn Infant Baby Layette Gown with Light Pink Chiffon Flowers and headband
Baby newborn cotton hot pink baby gown with light pink
chiffon flowers and a matching headband for your adorable
little baby. This gowns is so cute in size 0-3mos! Beautiful
chiffon light pink flowers are on the chest of the gown
and bottom of the gown. $29.00

Baby Girl Zebra Crib Shoes
ink Chiffon Flower

Baby Girl Zebra Crib Shoes Infant Crib Shoes with Pink Chiffon Flower
Zebra crib shoes with pink or off white chiffon flower
for your adorable little baby. Too cute! The chiffon
on the shoes matches the gowns and the binky holders.
Chiffon also available in lavender and grey. Size 11 infant.

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