Thursday, March 24, 2011

Cherry Blossom Headband Tutorial from The Wishing Elephant

I think this is the perfect spring headband for a little lady.  It would also work on an older head, say, yours.  I bought the black elastic headband from the Etsy shop Threddies.  This inexpensive and versatile headband fits both toddler and adults!  This is and easy project and won't take longer than an hour.  I work with felt daily for my shop The Wishing Elephant, I love it and I think you will too!

Cardstock (for stencil)
9x12 Green Felt*
9x12 Light Pink Felt*
No Sew Iron On Adhesive
Pink Thread (a few shades darker than your pink felt) 
Sharp Scissors
Threddies Black Elastic Headband
*You'll have leftover felt

Iron the adhesive to both pink and green felt.  Make sure to keep that paper backing on.  Then, make your cherry blossom stencil.  You can freehand or simple print this picture onto cardstock.   My blossom was about 1.5 inches across.

Trace the cherry blossom on the back of the pink felt.  Then, cut out the flower.  I find it easiest to cut the petals first and then notch the tips (see photo).

Peel the adhesive backing off of the blossom.  Thread a french knot through the center of the blossom.  Surround it with 5 additional french knots.  I tried to line each of the 5 additional knots up with the notches in the petals.

Lay the blossom (adhesive side down) onto the green felt.  Iron on low.  Once the blossom is adhered, trim the green felt to about 3mm around the flower.  Tip: if you are unsure about the iron temperature, use parchment paper in between the iron and the felt.   

Use the trimmed blossom as a stencil on the back of the green felt.

Cut out the blossom shape.

Sandwich the two blossoms (green and embroidered pink) on the elastic headband.  Try to match the petals as closely as possible.  Iron together.

Trim any of the green that you find unsightly and wear it!

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