Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Summer Afternoon

Classically designed natural wooden toys are making their way back, through the creativity and imagination of A Summer Afternoon.  Here is what we have learned this week about this wonderful and unique shop:

We are a husband and wife team, Aaron and Erin, working together to bring back the popularity of classic wooden toys! We make wooden cars, trucks, trains, teethers, craft holders (crayons, etc), ferris wheels, blocks, and whatever else we come up with next!

We love these toys for our 15-mo-old, who is our product tester and also loves them, and we want to provide for the growing number of parents out there who are becoming increasingly dissatisfied with noisy, plastic, battery-operated toys! We design our toys to promote creative and imaginative playtimes!

All of our products are made entirely of wood (except for the metal train hooks), and finished with beeswax or organic flax seed oil, so they are completely child-safe. We also offer personalization on all of our items--woodburning by hand gives it that handmade, one-of-a-kind touch!

My favorite item would have to be our wooden ferris wheel--each one is so intricately crafted out of various hardwoods, and no two are exactly the same...and it is just so fun to spin around!

Our best sellers would have to be our Wooden 4-passenger Bus, and our train. We just got started in August of 2010, but we had a great holiday sales season, and are looking forward to all of the opportunities that 2011 will present.

"You are sure to love the classic design of our cars and trucks as much as you will love the creativity and imagination they inspire!"
Erin and Aaron
A Summer Afternoon

PS - to date, 222 sales in 6 months of opening - amazing!

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