Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Remembering Emma

Welcome to Snanimals, where each shoe is handpainted with LOVE. 

Jane Perillo, founder and artist of Snanimals, is inspired by her children.  She handpaints each adorable little bug, animal, and character with the detail and creativity of a mom creating for a child.  Her creations provide Jane with a way to remember and honor her late daughter, Emma, and she believes that Emma lives on in every pair of shoes she creates.  In addition, Jane is creating for others something that is fun and practical and that children can wear every day.

The big sellers, according to Jane, are Minnie Mouse, Elmo, Cupcakes, and Ladybugs.  Jane enjoys the colorful ones, particularly the green and pink ladybugs and the cows.  Along with many different shoes to choose from, Jane also handpaints baby booties, onesies, bloomers, and totes.   

Jane's daughter, Anna, is a great and willing shoe model who makes it clear which ones are her favorites!  She prefers the sneakers, and she loves Elmo!  Anna has quite a shoe collection for a kid!  

Follow these links to hear more about her inspiration - her dear Emma.

"Let Us Cover Your Piggies With Our Piggies"
- Snanimals -


1286 Kids said...

What a touching story and such darling shoes! Great choice for a feature :)

Jackie said...

My daughter bought a pair of these for her little girl....she loves them! They are so cute, very well done and fun to wear!!