Friday, March 5, 2010

Cat in the Hat HAT

Make your own Cat in the Hat HAT!

1 Sheet White Construction Paper, 9" x 12"
1 Sheet Red Construction Paper, 9" x 12" *
2 Paper Plates, middles cut out
Paint Brush

Draw a 2" line across the bottom of the white construction paper. Cut from the bottom of the paper up to the line every 2" apart, creating tabs.

Cut 3 - 2" x 12" strips from the red construction paper.

Cut the center out of both of the paper plates, leaving about a 2" brim.

Fold up all of the 2" tabs at the drawn line.

Turn the white paper over and glue the cut red strips on to the white paper. Glue the first strip on the bottom, one in the middle and one at the top of the hat brim. Roll the completed construction paper into a cylinder, right side facing out, and place one of the plates over it and leave it in the center of the roll. This will give you the exact sizing you will need for the hat to fit properly with the plates. You can glue the cylinders backside or use a stapler at the top and the bottom to secure it closed.

Place the remaining plate down and drizzle a small amount of glue on top of the plate brim.

Pull all of the tabs on the hat forward and place it on top of the paper plate brim and adhere it to the glue.

Drizzle a small amount on top of the tabs and pull the remaining plate down on top of the tabs, sandwiching the tabs between the two plates creating a completed rim.

You are the proud owner of a Cat in the Hat HAT!

*An alternative to the red construction paper is to use red tissue or color red stripes with a red crayon or paint the red stripes on.


Anonymous said...

Hi! I just went out and bought the 9x12" paper and it doesn't work. It doesn't fit at all. Are you sure this isn't supposed to be 12x18?

Anonymous said...

I just made them for my daughter's class and YES use the 18x12 construction paper.

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