Friday, January 8, 2010

FIVE in the New Year

Five HEALTHY things to teach your child in the NEW YEAR!

With the new year right at our finger tips there is no better time to wipe the slate clean and make some changes in our lives, as well as our own child's life. Here are some healthy tips for the entire family to start the new year out right.

Everything In Moderation
We all know the golden rule of everything in moderation, so why mention it? Because, it's true! We over indulge in our daily lives all the time. Our plates are fuller, our closets are fuller, our garages are fuller, our waists are fuller. To show moderation in these areas would be a wonderful example of pulling back on the reins when times call for it while it shows our child what it means to use reason.

Money Doesn't Grow on Trees
Our economy has even caught even the wealthiest of family's off guard. This is a great opportunity to teach your child to really work for the money that you give them. Assign chores or tasks for them to complete before they receive any money from you. Have them place 1/3 of the money they earn into some type of savings plan. Teach them while they are young how to build a nest egg and they will carry that worthy lesson into adulthood.

Get Moving & Exercise
Since we just passed through two months of what we could only call, "The Feasting of the Holidays", I am sure we all can say we gained a few unwanted pounds. Here is our opportunity to get serious and get moving and get as a family. Take this chance to spend some quality family time walking and talking with one another. Is the weather to cold outside to attempt this? Plenty of family's own a Wii now, which carry's quit a few exercise games, so grab a game and get fit!

Be Responsible
Raising a child to be responsible for themselves, for the things they do, and for the things they say is so important to their character and the type of person they will become in life. Teach them responsibility and respect for themselves and the respect they will earn from others will come hand in hand with this lesson as they move forward into adulthood.

Volunteering should always be apart of your life. It is a proven fact that volunteering and giving of yourself to others actually creates a well-balanced life as well as improving ones own self value. There once was a study conducted of people who volunteered versus people who hadn't found that volunteering extended their lives, because of the connection to others and the feelings it created inside ones own life was beneficial.

Make the beginning of this New Year to make a difference in your own life, in your child's life and in someone else's life.