Sunday, December 9, 2007

EtsyBABY freature: Alaynacreations (NOW Zadyball)

Have you seen the wonderful ZadyBall(TM) created by Alayna of Alaynacreations ? The ZadyBall(TM) was created with babies in mind! They are soft to hold and cuddle, have lots of strings to hold and rub, and come in a variety of fun fabrics. Alayna is happy to personalize the ZadyBall(TM) and add your babies name to it. Here are some examples of the current ZadyBall(TM) you can find in her shop. Alayna has moved her shop to Zadyball.

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Debye said...

I loved our ZadyBall's so much that now I carry them in my baby boutique! They are fun to play with and are very well made, Alayna does a great job! I like to hold onto a string and bounce the ball over my baby, he gets mesmorized!

Debye Castleberry
C Berry Baby

Artopiay said...

These ZadyBall baby toys are a great way to help develop babies curiosity and imagination! I love how she has a huge selection to chose from!

Anonymous said...

So cute I love them!
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