Wednesday, October 10, 2007


The Etsy Baby team appreciates all the hard work that both Jen, from Goldtonedesigns, and Annie, from Myminimocs, has done in starting and organizing this team. Thank you both!
Annie worked hard in creating our wonderful Etsy Baby logo and website banner. Myminimocs shop, sister team of Annie and Theresa, has great soft soled shoes that your baby will love. Mini mocs are pediatrician recommended, made with genuine premium leather and machine washable. You can also find great baby accessories including these super soft Tag-A-Long blankets (TM). Tag-A-Long blankets (TM) will awaken baby's senses and provide visual stimulation.

"If your baby could talk, they would tell you to shop here."

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myminimocs said...

wow! this is an unexpected surprise. thank you for your kind words and the taking the time to create this post about mini-mocs,inc. theresa & i greatly appreciate it.

Unknown said...

Aw, I just love these little baby shoes. They are so sweet!

my little Aura said...

Your baby shoes are so pretty and they look so confortable!
You should do them in bigger sizes!

Ali said...

These are such cute shoes! How fashionable and adorable for little ones!