Monday, November 16, 2009

Cooking the Perfect Turkey

"I make the best turkey ever!"

We asked for your best turkey tips and here is what we got!

"Soak your turkey in apple cider for 12 hours before cooking and cook your turkey upside down , so the white meat is nice and juicy, if you don't use a bag. I also like to add apples with the stuffing"

"Lift up the skin on the top of your turkey (like you would do with a chicken) and place cold pats of butter under the skin. Making sure the outside of your turkey is dry, rub butter on the outside of the turkey skin, season it well with salt and pepper and cover with aluminum foil. The last hour of the cooking process remove the foil, baste the turkey and let it cook for the remaining hour. Let your turkey rest for 20-30 minutes and you should have a moist, well-cooked turkey."

"For a crisper skin, unwrap the turkey the day before roasting and leave it uncovered in the refrigerator overnight."

"Once you get your turkey in the oven let it cook! Every time you open the oven to baste or look at the progress of the turkey you let out the heat and it takes the oven time to regain the heat that was let out from opening the oven."

"Carve your turkey with a very sharp knife or an electric knife."

"A turkey cooks better if you don't densely stuff the cavity of the turkey."

"Thawing a turkey is just as important as cooking it right. I usually get a 20-22 pound turkey and it takes about 3 days to fully defrost it in the refrigerator."

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