Sunday, April 7, 2013

Monkey Hat Giveaway

Team EtsyBABY shops are ready to GIVE AWAY hand crafted designer baby products for FREE!   
Today's Giveaway is sponsored by: Babaloola

Reversible baby/child sun hat in
Monkeys design, sizes 0 to 8 years

A custom made Monkey sun hat in a size of your choice.
This cute reversible sun hat is just what you've been looking
for for the coming season! Made from 100% cotton fabric with
a cheeky monkey motif on one side and a matching plain blue
on the other, your child can choose what mood he's in! This
hat comes with under-chin ties which keep the wind - and
your little one - from pulling it off. These can be fed through
custom made button holes to be used on both sides of the hat.

Please choose from the following sizes:

0-6 month
6-12 months
1-3 years
 4-8 years