Saturday, January 19, 2008

EtsyBABY Valentine's Day Promotion

The EtsyBaby Street Team is having a Valentine’s Day Promotion Starting Sunday, January, 20th through Friday, February 29th

Please help find BOW-BEAR for cupid!

"Cupid needs your help to find his bow & arrow! Bow-Bear has been wondering around looking through all the EtsyBABY shops trying to help cupid find special things for those special someones, but now he's lost!!!! Cupid is offering a reward and has been posting pictures of his bow & arrow in the EtsyBABY shops. When you purchase the item where Bow's picture is found, you'll receive your cupids reward."


Artopiay said...

This is a GREAT list of shops! I found Bow Bear hiding in a couple I searched through!
Thank you knitstyle for getting this together!

Unknown said...

Great Job Megan!

EtsyBABY Team Captain said...

Super Duper Job, Megan :)

Knitstyle (Megan) said...


Lots of great FREE GIFTS in these shops! Hope Cupid finds all his bows!

little giggles boutique said...
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Anonymous said...

you do an amazing job megan...thanks for all your hard work!!!